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车辚辚   马萧萧

小院隐于市    而无车马喧

流水静音好    幽若高山间

清风弄沉香    缭缭

烟雨伴诗书    吟吟


烹茶抚琴话半生    闻竹戏鱼卸凡尘

美酒炉上烧    醉影杯中摇

小院有佳肴    香浓舌中绕

腌腊煸熏爆溜滑    甜酸咸苦香辣麻

百馐百味百盘馔    一菜一格一品花

心自然    味至真    川山甲


Our Value


We believe only through sincerity, we are able to deliver quality products and services to customers and coworkers. We keep in mind that each work process must be managed with transparency and integrity from backstage to the table, and it is a promise to people who trust us.



Only by the support from our customers, colleagues, and communities, we are able to keep doing what we love. We never forget where we came from. We put thought and attention into every aspect of our food, and caring for our guests and staff will always be our top priority.



Dishes from home warm us, comfort us. We comprehend the significance of that heartfelt taste and strive to bring the most authentic Szechuan cuisine to the world. All the honored traditional ingredients, such as peppercorn and chili, are imported from China and crafted by our diligent chefs, who have decades of professional experience.



We cherish creativity and vision. To explore the vast world of culinary and take the lead in the Chinese food industry, we make sure to serve new dishes created by passion and profession every season. We listen attentively to customers’ opinions to improve our service.


The productions of the modern version of traditional dishes symbolize the sophistication and creativity of our team. We keep perfecting our craft, creating unique and tasty dishes and constructing our dishes as cultural productions. With the spirit of artisan, we are able to bring familiar but not predictable, delicious and lively dining experiences.


Our Mission

The Szechuan Mountain House mission is to provide a harmonious space where guests can enjoy authentic, delicious Szechuan food. We carefully design our space to offer a sense of tranquility through the expression of Tao culture. We’re proud to introduce our dining traditions to those who are new to Szechuan food, and we love providing a taste of home to those who already know and cherish it. At Mountain House, every customer who walks through our doors can experience the genuine Chinese culinary culture.

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