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5th Anniversary

To celebrate our 5th anniversary with our customers. Mountain House held a lottery event where customers can win several rewards, including dinning utensil set, blue and white porcelain cups, thermos bottle, and a voucher.

Mid Autumn Festival

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by Covid-19. Nonetheless, we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival because we treasure the reunion with our customers and coworkers. We made two flavors of moon cakes, Ma-La Beef and Green Tea with purple yam. Each moon cake is hand made by our dedicated team.


Dragon Boat Festival

To thank our coworkers who have worked hard in this year. We made 2020 Zongzi (rice dumpling) to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. Innovating and recreating the authentic Zongzi, we created two flavors, Spicy Beef and Szechuan Flavor.

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