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Mao Xue Wang is a spicy stew with origins in southwestern China’s megacity. Made of duck blood curd, tripe, and other organ parts simmered in a broth that is made of peppercorn and chili. It always contains a patchwork of ingredients emphasizing varied textures, from silky (via the blood curd) to  crunchy (tripe).

Mao Xue Wang

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LaZi Chicken

Lazi Chicken, a stir-fried dish, which consists of marinated, then deep-fried pieces of chicken, dried Sichuan chilli peppers, garlic, etc,. The balance comes from the spiciness

and smokiness of chili peppers, the numbing Sichuan peppercorns, the nuttiness of sesame seeds and tons of aromatics to create an electrifyingly hot numbing sensation that’s so addictive. 

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Ma-Po Tofu

A classic Szechuan dish, Mapo Tofu that features tofu covered in spices and minced meat. It pairs extremely well with rice, and may even be necessary with how spicy it can

get. Whatever its origins, mapo tofu can be found on nearly every Sichuan food menu around the globe. Its tongue-tingling flavor has won over the world.

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Spicy Frog Lover

Frogs are classic ingredients in Sichuan cuisine. We use frogs as the main ingredient and vegetables as the supplement. The spiciness is deeply penetrated into the food, and every bite is satisfying. They are often said to taste like chicken because of their mild flavor, with a texture most similar to seafood and chicken.

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Pepper Lover is a pretty popular dish at Szechuan Mountain House. It’s almost like the Sichuan Red Pepper and Sichuan Green Pepper––give dishes a unique “spicy”

effect, are there to not only add their fragrance and flavor, but also to numb your tongue with an explosion of flavors.

Pepper Lover

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A common dish of many Sichuan cuisine dishes. The sour and appetizing golden soup, the refreshing and not greasy beef, plus the enoki mushroom which is the long-stemmed mushrooms you may see a lot in asian cuisine. You will be addicted to

every bite you eat. The quality of fat beef is naturally the first element, the sourness is crucial to the seasoning of the soup.

Beef Sour Soup

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Red Fish Head

A popular way of cooking the fish head usually involves using lots of pickled chili and herbs to “tone down” the fishy smell. Traditional cooking style, fusion presentation and

other ingredients are all factors contributing to an exciting taste for Red fish head.

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Stone Pot Fish

Stewed whole bamboo fish with wild pepper. Instead of regular green chili, minced wild peppers are slowly fermented to take the entire fish. Proportions and vegetables are paired and used enough to not cause heatiness, yet retaining flavor and fish’s nutrients and benefits.

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